Vintage Ford Cosworth on display at Fareham Shopping Centre

PETROLheads are urged to get down to a shopping centre to see heritage cars this week.

A mint condition Ford Escort RS Cosworth is on display at Fareham Shopping Centre.

The model was built in 1995 and is on loan to the Hendy Ford dealership in Fareham until Sunday.

It is on loan from the Ford Heritage Centre.

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Originally designed to qualify as a group A car for the World Rally Championship, it was completed between 1993 and 1998.

The Cosworth was available as a road car from 1992 to 1996 in very limited numbers.

It is instantly recognisable due to its large ‘whale tail’ rear spoiler with the main selling point being the Cosworth YBT engine.

The car was widely acknowledged to have excellent handling and was used by the police in the UK for a time in the 90s.

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Steve French, from the dealership, said: ‘The Cosworth is proving a huge hit with visitors to the centre and we have had lots of people taking photos of it and sharing them on social media already.

‘As a local care dealership, we know how much people appreciate the older cars and rather than just displaying our newer models, we thought we’d bring it along.’

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