WATCH: Performer writes Southern Rail protest song to tune of John Lennon's Imagine

Mark Brailsford performs his song Imagine There's No SouthernMark Brailsford performs his song Imagine There's No Southern
Mark Brailsford performs his song Imagine There's No Southern
A video of a Southern protest song performed has gone viral.

‘Imagine There’s No Southern’ performed by Mark Brailsford at Brighton station has had a combined reach of more than 60,000 on Facebook and Twitter since its release on Friday.

The parody song Imagine There’s No Southern is set to the tune of John Lennon’s classic and was inspired by last week’s news that the Department for Transport will be withholding a report on Southern Rail until after the election.

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Mark teamed up with members of the Association of British Commuters (ABC) to sing a medley of satirical protest songs at Brighton station on the one-year anniversary of the Southern strike.

He said: ‘Many of the people who’ve suffered through the Southern Rail crisis felt really disrespected last week.

‘Not only is a snap election being used to avoid other issues, but the withholding of the report means commuters are also being cheated of the truth after the very serious impact Southern Rail has had on our lives and our region.

‘Our Brighton station performance was not about trouble-making – it was born of serious concern about what this government is doing to our railways.’

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The song will be featured in Southern Fail: The Musical, which is on its way to Brighton and Shoreham in June.

Tickets for the Sallis Benney Theatre performance on June 24 can be purchased for £15, here.