Waterlooville woman tries to sell a new £5 note for £300 - but how much are they really worth?

An online seller from Waterlooville is among hundreds around the country trying to sell a new £5 note to collectors.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 30th September 2016, 12:01 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:56 pm

The Gumtree seller, identified as ‘Stacie’ from Waterlooville, is selling one of the brand new notes for £300.

She joins hundreds of others around the country looking for buyers for the notes, which went into circulation this month and feature Sir Winston Churchill.

The notes are designed to be longer-lasting than its paper predecessor.

The Mirror reported that some collectors have been paying up to 40 times the note’s monetary value to get one of the first notes the Bank of England has produced.

The most popular ones have the AA01 prefix at the start of the serial code, which can fetch into the hundreds, although once it goes beyond the prefix the value can drop dramatically.

But there have been examples of AA notes being sold for about £20 online.

Unfortunately for ‘Stacie’, the note on her advert has an AD prefix, meaning that the £300 suggested is likely to be well away from its actual value.

Other Portsmouth sellers have been offering the notes online, with one offering five of them (prefixes unclear) for £200, and another is claiming to sell an AA prefix note for £150.

The News contacted ‘Stacie’ but she did not wish to comment.