Why businesses should jump on a wave onlineÂ

Samuel Poole, from Syn-StarSamuel Poole, from Syn-Star
Samuel Poole, from Syn-Star
ACHIEVEMENT is what most people in business are fixated on. Without steady progress, success appears improbable and, without success, there is limited career development.

Marketing plays an important role in a business's success. With a promising marketing plan, companies could escalate their profits handsomely.

From my experience working as a journalist, and now in marketing, I understand the determination an organisation has to become recognised '“ and the benefits that exposure can bring. Increased business, bigger customer loyalty and more brand recognition, to name a few. 

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Having something positive published in a newspaper, on the radio, or online, are examples of the publicity businesses crave.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are powerful platforms where businesses can share their stories and shout about their services. But social media is rapidly developing, and there are lots of ways to reach your customers. However, I believe the most effective platform for business is LinkedIn.

Unlike other social sites, LinkedIn is for professional networking. As such, it's inevitable that some users will be interested in your product.

LinkedIn has a mission to '˜connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.' Evidently, they are achieving just that.

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However, before businesses look to develop a presence on LinkedIn, they must understand their audience.

Arguably, companies such as a newsagent would perform better on other sites compared to LinkedIn, because LinkedIn is overwhelmingly business-to-business. It is excellent for promoting a business as it allows you to target a particular audience using a certain device. For example, a business can target CEOs using LinkedIn on their smartphone.

Personalised advertisement messages, display advertising, and adverts allowing you to gather data for prospect clients are just a few methods on how a business can make a noise in a busy market.

As social media evolves, businesses may struggle to keep up. That's why investing time, and money (it doesn't have too much), into sites like LinkedIn to work towards chosen goals and objectives is well worth doing. 

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If a business is too small to create a wave '“ a wave being a trending topic on social media '“ then it should jump on a wave and strive to be noticed. LinkedIn can facilitate this.

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