Why it's dearer to live in the Warren than on the Lawns

The UK's most expensive street names have been revealed after a study of 28 million properties, but does yours feature?

Thursday, 28th January 2016, 11:03 am
Updated Thursday, 28th January 2016, 11:09 am

If your home is situated on a Warren then it will typically be worth £607,267 - more than double the national average of £282,978.

And the next most expensive street name in the UK is Chase where properties are valued at £482,867.

That’s according according to an analysis of common street names by property website Zoopla which examined more than 28 milion homes.

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The study found addresses including the words Mount, Path, Park, End, Green, Way, Hill and Lane rounded off the top 10 most expensive street names.

Meanwhile, the cheapest homes tend to have the word Street in their address, and are on average woth around £184,722. Street names featuring Court or Terrace are also among the least expensive, worth £190,851 and £194,403 respectively.

Addresses with the word King have a higher than average house price, at £299,572, while houses on streets featuring the word Queen tend to be valued at £249,295.

The most common residential location and home to 2,125,670 properties in the UK is Road, where the average property is valued at around £293,403, followed by Street with 1,036,227 properties and Close with 325,528 properties averaging £268,957.

The most common road names in the UK are High Street and Station Road, with 3,285 and 2,560 homes respectively.

Top 15 most expensive streets by name

1. Warren, £607,267

2. Chase, £482,867

3. Mount, £390,500

4. Path, £389,732

5. Park, £384,809

6. End, £381,933

7. Green, £363,348

8. Way, £358,981

9. Hill, £354,301

10. Lane, £342,059

11. Gardens, £340,461

12. Paddock, £320,984

13. Walk, £319,926

14. Rise, £307,965

15. Lawns, £302,760