Bus visits Waterlooville schools to teach girls about menstrual cycle

YOUNG girls were able to learn about the menstrual cycle in a more open and engaging way.

Betty for Schools organised for its Betty bus to visit two schools in Waterlooville to teach girls about their periods as part of their sex education.

During the bus visits, the students from Oaklands Catholic School and St Peter’s Catholic Primary School took part in one-hour sessions learning how the menstrual cycle affects them physically and emotionally.

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It also encouraged them to raise issues they may not want to in a normal classroom.

Male students were offered the opportunity to take part in separate sessions focusing on their understanding and attitude towards periods.

Jane Osborne, health and social care teacher at Oaklands Catholic School, said: ‘The Betty bus has proved incredibly beneficial for our students.

‘We’ve noticed changes to their confidence and, among boys, their level of empathy. It’s a really powerful way of teaching and engaging with children, and has helped our teachers talk openly about periods.’