Gosport students are overjoyed with GCSE resultsÂ

There were tears of joys and smiles all round as hundreds of pupils collected their GCSE results today.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 12:18 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:16 pm
GCSE results day at Brune Park School in Gosport. Picture Ian Hargreaves (180823-1_brune)

Year 11 students from across Gosport waited anxiously to receive their envelopes to see how they did.

At Brune Park School, Bay House School and Bridgemary School, there were lots of happy teenagers and teachers with this year's exams reported to be more difficult than previous years.

The new grades and grade boundaries were also causing concerns for schools.

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GCSE results day at Brune Park School in Gosport. Picture Ian Hargreaves (180823-1_brune)

But pupils overcame the challenges to get results they were proud of.

May Duffy, from Bay House School, got two 8s, two 7s, three 6s and a 4. The 16-year-old, from the town, said: '˜I am really happy. I didn't think I was going to get them.

'˜The gap between the exams and results were awful and I got myself all worked up over it. I am really pleased with the two 8s.'

May is remaining at Bay House School to study maths, physics, religious studies and geography at the sixth form.

GCSE results day at Bay House School in Gosport. From left, Alice Owens, Amy Hadfield and Zoe Belben, all 16 Picture Ian Hargreaves (180823-4_bay_house)

She added: '˜My two 8s were in maths and religious studies which I was so happy about seeing as I am studying them at A-level. It was important for me to do well in them.'

Fellow Bay House School pupil Hollie Thurgood, from Lee-on-the-Solent, was equally pleased with her grades. She got two 8s, one 7, two 6s, two 5s, a 4 and a B in sociology.

She said: '˜It feels amazing. I didn't think I was going to get anywhere near a 7 in maths or an 8 in biology. I am very shocked and overwhelmed.

'˜I was worried about some of the results but I am so pleased.'

GCSE results day at Brune Park School in Gosport. Top achiever Megan Eddles (16). Picture Ian Hargreaves (180823-05_brune)

Like May, Hollie is also studying A-levels at Bay House Sixth Form and will be doing biology, chemistry, PE and psychology.

Natalie Rimmer, a Year 11 pupil at Bay House, wants to go on to be an English teacher. She was pleased with her results having overcome the difficult exams. She got three 7s, two 6s, three 5s and an A in sociology.

'˜When you work so hard, it is good to get decent grades,' she said.

'˜I did hope to do better in English because I was predicted 8s and I want to be an English teacher but 7s is good. It has been a bit up and down but I am still happy.

GCSE results day at Brune Park School in Gosport. Shuzeda Chowdhury, 16 Picture Ian Hargreaves (180823-10_brune)

'˜I can't wait to carry on at the school's sixth form and study English literature and language, politics and psychology.'

Sixteen-year-old Katie Furlong, from Lee-on-the-Solent, was celebrating at Bay House with friends after getting the results she needs to study at St Vincent College, in Gosport.

She passed all her subjects getting four 6s, three 5s and two 4s. Katie said: '˜I am pleased. I wanted to get at least 5s in English because I am doing them at A-levels so I was happy to get 6s.

'˜I felt so sick before school and I am just happy it's all over now.'

Katie wants to be a child psychologist and will be studying combined English, ancient history, psychology and teaching.

Meanwhile, pupils and staff at Brune Park School, off Military Road, were just as pleased with their results.

They all waited anxiously to see what grades they achieved.

Sixteen-year-old Chloe Davis, from Gosport, was all smiles when collecting her results. She said: '˜I was so happy with my six 9s, two 8s and two 7s.

'˜I was in shock actually when I first saw them because although I revised hard and worked hard, you never really know. I was doing extra work and taking up a lot of my teachers' time but it was all worth it.

'˜I had given up my dream of going to Oxford because I was convinced I wasn't going to do well but now that dream is back on track.'

Chloe will be studying biology, chemistry, maths and psychology at Bay House School Sixth Form.

Skye Walters, 16, got a 7, two 6s, three 5s, a B in IT and a C in finance.

She said: '˜I thought I was going to fail so I am happy with them. They were really hard exams so to come away with a 7 and 6s is really good.

'˜Art is my favourite subject and that's the one I tried hardest in and the one I was most worried about. To get a 7 was amazing.'

Skye will be studying at Sparsholt College before learning to be a vet at university

Tears were flowing when Megan Edels, from Brune Park, opened her results.

The Gosport teenager said she was pleased with her 9, two 7s, four 6s and a 5.

Megan, 16, said: 'I'm really surprised by my results. I wanted it but never thought I'd actually get there.

'I'm especially proud of drama because I never expected to get a 9. It is the subject I enjoy the most.'

Megan will be celebrating her results by going out for a meal with her parents.

In September, she will be doing maths, chemistry, psychology and politics A-levels at Bay House.

Another Brune Park pupil who was overjoyed with her results was Shuzeda Chowdhury, from the town.

The 16-year-old got four 7s, four 6s and two 5s.

She said: '˜I am relieved that I finally know what I got. It is great to know those two years weren't for nothing.

'˜My heart was racing on the walk here but now I am so happy. I was surprised in my 7 in English literature because it isn't my strongest subject at all.'

Shuzeda is studying biology, chemistry, maths and physics at Bay House Sixth Form.