Infant school praised for positive atmosphere after previous '˜inadequate' ratingÂ

ELSON Infant School is celebrating being judged as a good school after their recent ofsted report.

Saturday, 8th September 2018, 9:51 am
Updated Saturday, 8th September 2018, 11:02 am
Children at Elson Infants School celebrate the schools OFSTED report. (l to r), Evie King, Olivia Hilton, Colby Sandford, Oscar Meredith and Hetty Blakeman all six.

It represents a successful turn around for the school since being judged as inadequate in 2012 and placed in special measures.

Executive headteacher Debby Marshall, who arrived at the school in 2012, said: '˜We were overjoyed with the report and the fact it complemented so many of the things that are important to us.'

The report, which judged all aspects of the school to be good, stated: '˜Pupils make good progress across the school in reading, writing and mathematics and that the warm relationships between staff and pupils secure a positive climate for learning,'

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Children at Elson Infants School celebrate the schools OFSTED report. (l to r), Evie King, Olivia Hilton, Colby Sandford, Oscar Meredith and Hetty Blakeman all six.

Mrs Marshall and head of school Jo Bedson are particularly pleased that the report highlighted the team ethos and '˜high morale of the staff'.

'˜I am really pleased for all those staff who were here when we went into special measures and that they are now being recognised for their work,' explained Mrs Bedson

'˜One of the first things we had to do was raise confidence and morale. That is why I am so pleased this has been recognised in the report,' explained Mrs Marshall.

Mrs Marshall stressed that despite going into special measures there was already a lot of good practice taking place at the school.

Head of school Jo Bedson (left) and executive headteacher Debby Marshall (right)

'˜One of the key improvements has been in improving the school environment as this sets the scene for both students and staff. There were also areas to improve in the core curriculum to ensure students are always captivated by their learning,' explained Mrs Marshall.

Mrs Bedson believes that crucial to the school's success has been engaging with children's parents. 

'˜We are very proud of the work we do with the local community. We now have many opportunities for parents to become involved with the school and we also have a very active Parent Teachers Association,' explained Mrs Bedson.

Mrs Marshall and Mrs Bedson strongly believe in the schools slogan '˜Together we Shine' and focus the schools learning around four superheroes '“ Respectful Rubin, Can do Connie, Feeling Felix and Teamwork Tia.

Celebrating ofsted report - Colby Sandford, Evie King, Olivia Hilton, Oscar Meredith and Hetty Blakeman all six.

'˜There is always a focus linked to our superheroes and the report has acknowledged the significance of their role in both learning and social development,' said Mrs Bedson.

Consistency for both students and staff has been one of the fundamental improvements in the school attaining their good status.

'˜I think the key difference is consistency and the consolidation of key messages.' explained Mrs Marshall.

Whilst Mrs Marshall does hope to work towards being categorised as outstanding she was keen to stress it was the needs of the children which would be at the forefront of any developments.

'˜We do have aspirations to become outstanding but it is not about ofsted but to do with ensuring all children succeed,' stressed Mrs Marshall.