Portsmouth named as most affordable for university students

UNIVERSITY students living in Portsmouth are in the most affordable city, figures reveal.

According to the Royal Bank of Scotland’s student living index, Portsmouth is the most cost-effective city for living.

Nearby Southampton was named as the second worst for affordability coming behind Edinburgh. Portsmouth was followed by Liverpool.

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The index surveyed 2,500 students across the UK to determine the most and least affordable places to study.

The survey took into account a range of factors, including living and accommodation costs and average incomes for students. It also looked at how much students spend on going out and how long they studied.

The affordability of Portsmouth was boosted by students having the highest term-time incomes of around £1,515. It also had lower weekly rent costs than the UK average of £109.

The survey also found that students at Cambridge and Oxford spend the most time studying while Newcastle students are the biggest weekly spenders on alcohol.