Portsmouth residents furious at noisy overnight roadworks that have left them unable to sleep

RESIDENTS have complained to the council about overnight roadworks affecting people’s health and children’s education.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 5:30 pm
Updated Friday, 18th October 2019, 8:45 pm

Cheryl Hudson, who lives on Havant Road where the roadworks are taking place, said: ‘We are exhausted each morning because we are unable to sleep. Each night I am being woken up at 2am from drilling outside. My children are being woken and crying because of the noise and struggling to go to school.’

Fellow mum Caroline Brennan added: ‘I feel very angry about this. The noise has been going on all week. My youngest actually finds the noise quite frightening.’

For retired couple, Melvin and Sue Davis, it’s not just the noise which has been a problem.

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Residents have  complained to the council after being kept awake by overnight roadworks on Havant Road.
Residents have complained to the council after being kept awake by overnight roadworks on Havant Road.

Sue commented: ‘There have been bright lights going up and down the road which have also kept me awake.’

Melvin added: ‘I am really annoyed about this. We were given warning but didn’t think it would be as noisy as this.’

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The council has apologised to residents and said the roadworks are for “essential resurfacing of the road”.

Residents have said that bright lights and overnight drilling has prevented them from being able to sleep.

Having been informed that the overnight works could continue to November 22, residents are concerned about the long-term potential impacts on their health.

Caroline said: ‘Each day, my children have been going to school tired. It will be dreadful if this goes on until the end of November. Any prolonged period of sleep deprivation is detrimental to people’s health.’

However the council has moved to reassure people that the next stage of works will not be as noisy.

A spokesman said: ‘Weather permitting, Thursday, October 17 should be the last night of resurfacing work, which has caused the level of noise recently experienced. Other work will be done to improve the traffic lights, which will not create anywhere near the same level of noise. On some nights, channels will need to be cut into the road which will cause some noise, but this will take place no later than 11pm.’

While residents accept the need for roadworks to be carried out, some feel alternative plans should have been put in place.

Melvin said: ‘I don’t think this has been fully thought through. They could have diverted the traffic over Portsdown Hill.’

Cheryl added: ‘I would have preferred the work to have taken place during the day. Who decides that traffic congestion is more important than people being able to sleep?’

A council spokesman replied: ‘Our contractor, Colas, is only able to do the resurfacing work at night, due to the amount of traffic using the road in the daytime. The council and its contractors are grateful for residents' patience while we make these essential improvements.’