Royal Navy never ‘tyre’ in endurance fundraiser  

Andy Davidson flipping a tyre'Picture: Habibur Rahman
Andy Davidson flipping a tyre'Picture: Habibur Rahman
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THE ROYAL Navy have been taking part in an endurance event for charity and are hoping to set a world record in the process.  

A team of physical instructors from HMS Temeraire spent 12 hours flipping a 125 kilogram tractor tyre round an athletic track to raise money for  Cancer Research UK, The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and St Luke’s Hospice in Cheshire.

Dan Kerr flipping a tyre    'Picture: Habibur Rahman

Dan Kerr flipping a tyre 'Picture: Habibur Rahman

The sponsored event was the idea of petty officer physical trainer, Dan Kerr, whose grandmother spent her final days in St Luke’s.

Dan said: ‘My grandmother spent her last few months in St Luke’s Hospice and she loved it. They do such a fantastic job that once she passed away I wanted to raise money to help support them. I started my own coffee brand, Iron Sailor Coffee, and use the proceeds to donate to the hospice. Each year I try to organise an event to raise additional money.’

Dan, who grew up in Cheshire, decided to also raise money for Cancer Research UK as his grandmother suffered from the disease.

‘My grandmother suffered from cancer and it eventually killed her. My former football team manager also suffered from the disease and passed away in St Luke’s,’ he added.

Picture: Habibur Rahman

Picture: Habibur Rahman

The challenge involved two teams of six flipping the tyre over periods of 45 minutes as they made their way round the 400 metre track. The teams did their first circuit at 5.30am with the final flip taking place 12 hours later.

Participant, Andrew Davidson, who works as a physical trainer, said: ‘It has been pretty tough and is really hard on the back and forearms. However it was all worth it as it’s raising money for a good cause.’

Colleague and leading physical trainer, Hannah Wiley, added: ‘I knew the team were doing it and so I thought I would come down and help out. There has been a great team spirit and it is such a good cause to get involved in.’

Commanding officer, Richard Bird, even went without sleep to take part in the event.

‘I had been on holiday and didn’t arrive home until 4am but I was determined to come down and get involved,’ he said.

As well as raising money for a good cause, the team are hoping to be credited with a world record for the longest and heaviest tyre flip.

Chief staff instructor, Lee Derbyshire, said: ‘We have been in touch with the Guiness Book of World Records and we are waiting for them to get back to us.’

The original target was to raise £1000 but the team have already achieved more than double this amount. 

If anyone would like to make a donation in support of the teams efforts they can do so by going to