As spring dawns so to does another exam season

Spring is on its way and is a time for much optimism in our schools.

Monday, 11th March 2019, 4:58 pm
Updated Monday, 11th March 2019, 6:05 pm

There is never a quiet period in the busy nature of a school year.

However, with spring around the corner schools experience more of the ‘feel good’ factor as darkness of the winter gives way to glorious sunshine (fingers crossed) and longer, brighter days.

This lifts the spirits of everyone in our school community and coincides with the positivity and hope we feel for our young people as they prepare for their GCSE examinations, A-Levels, SAT’s and also plans for post 16 and 18 study or training.

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The run-up to GCSE exams is a particularly busy and hectic time for both pupils and staff. With the winter mock exams completed, attention turns to the significant help, support and intervention that goes into maximising outcomes and improving life chances for all of our year 11 pupils.

It is a stressful time for all final year pupils. Twelve years of education resulting in a final set of examinations - so much at stake for each and every one of them. Those outside of education often state that GCSE exams are easier ‘these days’ but try telling that to the hardworking cohort of year 11 pupils who work harder and are under much more scrutiny and pressure than my generation.

Pupils today know that if they don’t achieve a minimum standard in English and mathematics, they must continue studying these subjects alongside any college course or training - a positive strategy designed to improve literacy and numeracy skills, but nonetheless added pressure for them.

At this time staff work tirelessly to help our young people to remain calm, resilient, focused and above all to have a positive ‘can-do’ mindset.

Unfortunately society inflicts so many added pressures these days - thanks in large part to social media - and teachers continuously do all in their power to negate such pressure. So if you know any young person preparing to sit their GCSE exams, please wish them luck and encourage them to be positive, every one of them has huge potential.

Spring is here and we’ll welcome and embrace it in our schools. We’ll embrace the relentless drive to support our young people and we’ll embrace the sunshine-filled days to lift our spirits ...bring it on!!