Amazon's latest version of the Kindle '˜not safe for vegans'

Amazon's latest version of their popular Kindle e-reader, the Kindle Oasis, has been getting rave reviews since its launch, but if you're a vegan it might not be the e-reader for you.

The flagship device, which costs £269.99, is shipped with a real leather charging cover and there is no way to buy the device new without it - something which has annoyed some Kindle fans.

A petition urging Amazon to consider offering a cow-friendly version of the device has been launched, so far attracting 569 supporters.

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Sara Farr, who started the petition, says: “The new Kindle Oasis is awesome for book worms, but not if they’re vegan (or a cow for that matter).

“The only cover options are leather, which is not kind and limits options for people who don’t want an animal to die for a good story.

“I want Amazon to offer a vegan cover option (or even better make all covers vegan!) so we can all enjoy this new technology.”

But Amazon told technology news site that they have no intention of releasing an alternative bundle to cater for vegan customers, instead suggesting those who don’t want the leather case to opt for an alternative e-reader: “For customers looking for a non-leather, high-end alternative to Kindle Oasis, we recommend Kindle Voyage.

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“There are a number of non-leather case options available for Kindle Voyage.”

The Kindle Oasis has been widely praised and is regarded by many to be the best e-reader on the market. This quality comes at a premium, with the Oasis starting a full £100 more than the next most expensive Kindle and rising further if customers want a 3G-enabled model.

If you’re morally against the use of animal products, the cost is even higher.

Mimi Bekhechi, director of PETA UK, criticised the tech giant’s stance: “The Kindle Oasis is behind the times, as retailers and designers now recognize and try to meet the demand for fabrics that never bled and don’t smell like hide.

“Vegan leather is animal-friendly, innovative, high-quality, eco-friendly and widely available, so shoppers need never fear contributing to the horrors of slaughter when they buy a gadget cover.”

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