Ghoulish Gosport couple put on charity haunted house in support of a friend with a brain tumour

FOR YEARS a couple have been scaring families with their haunted house in celebration of Halloween – but with a friend facing the scariest time of his life, the pair will be scaring for cash this year.

Very bizarre things are going on in the Gosport house owned by Dave and Pauline Narraway! Picture: Malcolm Wells (301019-9066)
Very bizarre things are going on in the Gosport house owned by Dave and Pauline Narraway! Picture: Malcolm Wells (301019-9066)

Dave and Pauline Narraway have dressed up their home in Goodwood Road, Gosport with a fake coffin, terror tunnel and guillotine for the last five years to give the residents a good fright. 

This year the pair will be raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity in honour of their friend Terry George who has a Grade 4 Glioblastoma.

Pauline, 61, said: ‘We have never done it for charity before but we thought this year it felt right and we wanted to do something for Terry. We have known him for over 15 years and it is really terrible what he is going through.’

Supporting a very good friend ! (left to right) Terry George (59) who suffered a massive tumour, his wife and carer Karen George (55), Dave Narraway (61) and his wife Pauline Narraway (61). Picture: Malcolm Wells (301019-8973)

Terry collapsed in November last year while giving a garden landscaping quote.

His wife Karen said: ‘I got a call as the customers had found his business card with our home number on it. There was no warning signs as I had only just seen him about 10 minutes before and he was fine.’

Terry spent nine days in critical care and four days on the ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham. The 59-year-old had an operation on Christmas Eve to remove the tumour.

He has had chemotherapy and radiotherapy but the treatment has stopped working so he is looking at clinical trials he can take part in. He also suffers from seizures.

Terry, who has an 18-year-old son with Karen, said: ‘The pain from the seizures is nothing like I have ever felt before. It feels like you are lying on the floor and someone is trying to stamp you through it.

‘The only way I get it through it is laughing and joking.’

Speaking on his friends’ Halloween fundraiser, he added: ‘It really gets you in the heart that so many people want to help out. The money isn’t going to me but to make sure in the future other people don’t have to go what I am going through.’

Geraldine Pipping, The Brain Tumour Charity’s Director of Fundraising, said: ‘Pauline and Dave’s wonderful idea of a Halloween haunted house inspired by their friend Terry, is a testament to the efforts of all our supporters, helping us to raise awareness and vital funds for research into brain tumours.’