Havant teenager Lewis is stuck in hospital - so staff helped him build a snowman

STUCK in a hospital bed while other children across the country play in the snow, Havant teenager Lewis Hine put out a call on social media for his followers to send in pictures of the snow.

The 16-year-old, who has had a brain tumour since he was 17 months old, has been in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) for the last week.

Lewis said: ‘It is just my luck that I had to go into hospital the week that it snows and it has not snowed in years.

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‘So I decided to ask people on social media to be my eyes and send me pictures of the snow and the reaction was incredible.’

Lewis received photos not only of England but from across the world including a skyline of New York with a personalised note.

He said: ‘There were so many amazing photos and I had one from New York which had a little post it note on it that said hi Lewis and just having all the pictures was really great.’

A boss from GOSH, which sees over 200,000 patients a year, saw Lewis’ social media post and asked play workers to give him a special gift.

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Lewis’ mum, Emma said: ‘The play workers went up to the roof garden and collected a box of fresh snow and then brought it to Lewis and helped him make a snowman.

‘It was a truly lovely thing to do and I still can’t believe it happened and it made Lewis quite emotional.’

Lewis added: ‘I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone especially the workers as it was so nice to play with the snow and kept me entertained for a while.’

Despite his long-term illness Lewis has set up a Friend Finder scheme to help younger people who find it hard to socialise to connect with others, organised a prom for those who missed their own due to illness and won a string of awards for his work including the Mobile Innovation of the Year accolade at The Digital Leaders 100 Awards, a Radio 1 Teen award and won The Hero of the Year at The News Youths Awards.