I’ve got a terminal illness and being isolated is hard | Agony Aunt

Fiona Caine gives advice to a woman who has a terminal illness. Picture: PA.Fiona Caine gives advice to a woman who has a terminal illness. Picture: PA.
Fiona Caine gives advice to a woman who has a terminal illness. Picture: PA. | PA (Press Association)
Fiona Caine dishes out her advice.

Question: live very happily with my husband and our children now live with their respective families, and until the pandemic hit, they visited us regularly.

I have a terminal illness and with the news of the coronavirus, my husband and I went into self-isolation.

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We are doing our best to stay connected to our family. As my condition progresses, I am increasingly anxious that I am wasting those final months of my life alone and not making memories or seeing my family.What can I do?

Answer: You've done the best thing by isolating yourself.

Make the most of video calling. When you're not in contact with family, consider other ways in which you can make memories. Have you thought about writing your life story – I'm sure there's a lot about you that your children don't know.

Marie Curie (mariecurie.org.uk/0800 090 2309) are open daily: 8am-6pm Monday to Friday; 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. They can help with practical and emotional support.

Question: Two years ago, I left my husband when he found out I had been having an affair with a man I am still seeing. However, I'm beginning to worry that this relationship is now failing too.

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My current partner said he didn't love his wife (she's his third) and wanted to be with me. He even moved in for a while.

But when he found his wife was pregnant, he went back to her.

Now I only see him occasionally – he comes around, we make love and then he's gone again. Do you think he'll ever be with me?

Answer: If, in two years, he has still not left his wife for you then I'm afraid I don't think he ever will – and I suspect you know this deep down too.

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To be brutal, I think any relationship with this man is likely to fail because he seems unwilling to commit to any one person.

So please consider putting some distance between you. It might feel hard to be on your own but in time, I'm sure you'd find that better than the uncertainty he offers.

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