Listening to the concerns of carers

The Carers Council was established in Portsmouth, at the start of 2012 as part of the carers strategy initiative by Portsmouth City Council, providing a chance for carers' voices to be heard properly.

Monday, 2nd May 2016, 6:00 am
The first Portsmouth Carers Voice forum takes place at Hilsea Lido Blue Lagoon tomorrow

I have been proud to be vice/acting chairman of the council since the beginning.

The principle has always been to respect carers and be an independent body led by and run by carers.

The Carers Council has now been reinvigorated with the aim to have a wider involvement and has been renamed Portsmouth Carers Voice (PCV), supported by Action Portsmouth on behalf of the city council.

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Sign up to our public interest bulletins - get the latest news on the Coronavirus

Who is a carer? For me, a carer is a family member/friend/neighbour who cares for someone who is vulnerable, mentally or physically unwell. 

The carer is the one who has to pick up the pieces when all goes wrong, so it is a positive that the Carers Council was there to try and help improve services for carers and service users.

In its four years since starting we have taken on board many carers’ concerns and have taken these matters to an executive board of the city council who have tried their best to listen to and address the concerns raised.

PCV aims to continue and try and achieve a better success rate for the carer.

The first PCV forum itakes place tomorrow at Hilsea Lido Blue Lagoon from midday for a 2.30pm meeting.

If you are a carer (including informal carers) please come along, listen to other carers and unload your concerns or questions about services in the city.

There should also be a member of staff from the Carers Centre to help with any private or individual worry.

There will be a light lunch provided to begin with.

The first half of the meeting is to listen to information from a guest speaker.

The first speaker for PCV will be Angela Dryer, assistant head of social care.

The second half is just for the carers to speak as they wish.

The aim is for simple words, no slogans or jargon, just ordinary carers running the meeting for ordinary carers.

Please come along and join us on this day. If you feel you cannot come along because of leaving the person you care for, contact the Carers Centre on (023) 9275 6780, who may be able to help with their sitting and other services.

If you are unable to attend and wish to raise any issue please contact Jacky on (023) 9282 2795 or email [email protected]