Portsmouth hospital team win accolades at awards night

RESEARCHERS were recognised for their work at an awards ceremony.

The team from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) were invited to the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy leadership recognition awards.

The evening celebrated staff who have improved people’s health and the public’s experience of the NHS.

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PHT’s first win of the night went to the Mission ABC team, led by Professor Anoop Chauhan. They were crowned winners of the Leading For Service Improvement and Innovation Award. The same team also won Clinical Team Outstanding Achievement before Professor Chauhan was crowned Inspirational Leader.

He said: ‘For the team to be showcased not only as an exemplar in leading a service improvement, but also as an outstanding team committed to delivering excellence for improvements in patient care, makes me truly proud.

‘I know my team are award-worthy but it’s always a pleasure to see them celebrated.’