Residents enjoy new interactive table of games

INTERACTIVE tables have been introduced at three care homes to help residents, especially those with dementia.

Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 12:30 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th December 2017, 12:33 pm
Kath Glanville, Cllr Luke Stubbs and Marie Dugan on the Tovertafel Picture: Habibur Rahmman

The Tovertafel, which was designed and founded in The Netherlands, projects 12 games and activities on to a table.

Residents touch the table to play the games with the aim to stimulate their minds while also being relaxing and calming.

Portsmouth City Council decided to buy three projectors for three of its homes and the first has been installed at Hilsea Lodge.

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Kathleen Glanville, 74, has enjoyed playing with the Tovertafel.

She said: ‘I think it is superb, I love it.

‘I was on there for an hour the other day and it was a lot of fun.

‘There are a range of games and things to do, it is very enjoyable.’

Fellow resident Edna Grace Smith agreed.

The 95-year-old said: ‘I like the new table, it is very good.

‘I played a couple of games on it and I enjoyed it.’

Edna’s daughter Christine Chamberlain added: ‘It is good the council is deciding to invest in these sort of activities for the residents.

‘They get the stimulation they need and offers something else for them to do.’

Councillor Luke Stubbs, cabinet member for adult social care and public health at the council, went to Hilsea Lodge to see the new Tovertafel.

He said the council was keen to invest in this sort of technology for its care home residents.

‘Technology has got a role in our care homes and when I saw the demonstration, it was really inspiring,’ he said.

‘Even residents who didn’t want to necessarily interact with it were still watching and smiling.

‘It is great for the residents and has the potential to improve their health.’

Cllr Stubbs added: ‘While everyone knows resources in adult social care are limited, it is still important to invest money where we can in things that make a difference to people’s quality of life.’

Tovertafel is being distributed to the UK by Shift 8 and Matt Francis-Cooke, from the company, was also at Hilsea Lodge to see the residents have a try.

He said: ‘The 12 games that residents can pick from are all about relaxation, sensory and reminiscing. It is great to be able to bring this to Portsmouth.’