Study by University of Portsmouth looks at breast cancer in India

RESEARCH from a university looked at breast cancer awareness in India.

Judith Fletcher-Brown, from the University of Portsmouth’s department of marketing and sales, visited the country to look at the condition.

The study found cultural and religious issues meant women do not access health services, are reluctant to consult male doctors and neglect their own health due to family obligations.

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Judith said: ‘India is still a patriarchal society and while women are now in responsible jobs and earning for their families, it’s the men who are still the head of the household.

‘Even educated professional women do not discuss private matters about their bodies with their husbands, fathers or brothers so it’s essential to direct health messages towards men to increase their awareness of and willingness to discuss the problem.’

Professor Vijay Pereira was the second author on the paper published in the Journal of Business Research.