Do you know what happened to these Pompey schoolboys? RETRO

As I mentioned yesterday, here is the Pompey schoolboys’ team in 1961 pictured at Plymouth before a cup game.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 12:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 2:05 pm
Pompey schoolboys at Millbank Park, Plymouth, in 1961.
Pompey schoolboys at Millbank Park, Plymouth, in 1961.

As we know, Pompey manager George Smith scrapped all the reserve and schoolboy sides in a cost-cutting exercise in, I believe, 1967.

When asked about local talent he replied insultingly: ‘There is only fish around Portsmouth,’ a slight and contemptuous remark as to any upcoming local footballers.

This coming Saturday, in the Weekend magazine, I shall put in some of the e-mail conversations I have been having with Bobby Moffat about all the many ex-Pompey players who ended their playing days in America. It will be well worth reading I can assure you.

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Bobby Moffat playing for Gillingham.

Are any of the schoolboy players mentioned still in the area or do you know if they went on the greater things? If you do, please do get in touch.

In the back row are Brian Carmichael, Bobby Moffat, John Jenner, and Dave Green. There is also a goalkeeper whose name I don't know.

The front row includes manager Dave Rudling, Colin Crawford, Alan Avery, Steven Reid, Ian Shanahan, Barry Figgins and Peter Higgins.

Bobby Moffat made his debut for Gillingham at Scunthorpe when the late Ron Newman was also in the side.

Does anyone recognise this house in Langston (Langstone) Road, Havant, and tell me if it still exists?

Bob later played for Chelmsford and at the end of the 1969-70 season left for Dallas. You can read more in Saturday’s Looking Back page.

• As I mentioned recently, I am putting together a book of then and now photographs of Havant and the surrounding district.

So far I have taken 50 photographs but I really would like to know where this scene is today.

I walked up and down Langstone Road (spelled Langston in years past) in the hope of spotting the roof outline with no success.

Mighty ships in Portsmouth Dockyard. Battleships, a floating dock, submarines and the the royal yacht Victoria & Albert.

If any of you can recognise the house please let me know so I can take a modern photograph of the scene. Thank you.

• Unfortunately I cannot credit the photograph of the dockyard as I do not have a name on the reverse.

I found it recently when I was refurbishing my office at home. Please let me know if it was you who sent it to me.

Battleship, submarines, a floating dock and the royal yacht Victoria and Albert can be seen berthed within what was then Portsmouth Royal Dockyard – so much more grand than Portsmouth Naval Base don’t you think?

In the centre is the Rudmore gas holder. To the left of that today is the Continental Ferry Port of course.

Top right can be seen part of the Pitt Street football pitch.

Any further information would be gratefully received.