The life and times of Guildhall Square, Portsmouth | Nostalgia

From US presidents and war heroes to the Japanese navy, this square has seen it all... and so much more!

By Deborah Croker
Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 8:01 pm

Before the town hall became the Guildhall in 1926 - when Portsmouth became a city - the square in front of the building was known as Town Hall Square.

There are many photos of Guildhall Square, in all its various guises down the decades, in our collection.

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Empire Day - Town Hall Square in 1911
Placing the foundation stone of Portsmouth Town Hall, which would become the Guildhall, on October 14, 1886.
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in Guildhall Square during her Silver Jubilee visit to Portsmouth in June 1977. Picture: The News PP1587.
Dwight Eisenhower at Portsmouth Guildhall during a visit to the city in 1963. Picture: The News PP345.
Sailors of the Japanese navy were welcomed to the town hall for a lord mayor’s banquet on June 7, 1906. Picture: George Milliner collection.