NOSTALGIA: Portsmouth connection to Minder’s Winchester Club

Glynn Edwards as Dave, the landlord of the Winchester Club in Minder
Glynn Edwards as Dave, the landlord of the Winchester Club in Minder
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HNMZS Achilles, a veteran of the battle of the River Plate. After the war she was sold to India and was finally broken up in 1978 when 55 years old.

NOSTALGIA: Twenty-nine dead in Portsmouth Dockyard explosion

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I had to laugh when I saw a report in The News about parking in the right direction after dark. Cars must be parked with the tail lights facing oncoming traffic. Anyone remember when street lights used to go off about 10.30pm? Cars had to have lights on but car batteries were not great and many different forms of lighting were used.

One was a red and white light fitted to the top of the driver’s window and then wound up. The connector was fitted in the cigarette lighter. Some had old street worksite lamps placed in the road on a chain beside their parked cars. As soon as street lights remained on all night all these ideas disappeared.

Glynn Edwards, who died recently, played Dave the bar owner in Minder. He was 87, appeared in the first episode in October 1979 and remained for the rest of the series. Born in Malaya, after his mother died he went to live with his grandparents in Portsmouth. One of his best roles was as Corporal Allen in Zulu.