Entrepreneur rolls out cheap recipe kits for University of Portsmouth students who can't cook

WITH no mum or dad around for guidance, the independence of university life can be daunting for some.
Picture: The Student Food ProjectPicture: The Student Food Project
Picture: The Student Food Project

Put hours spent studying and partying to one side and there can be little time or will left to sit down for a proper, home-cooked meal.

But for almost three years, University of Portsmouth (UoP) graphic design graduate Alex Harvey has been battling to change that. 

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The 21-year-old entrepreneur's website, The Student Food Project, boasts scores of easy-to-follow recipes specifically catered for learners tight on time, cash and cooking finesse '“ without scrimping on taste.

And after sealing UoP's 2018 Startup of the Year award, Mr Harvey has taken his goal to the next level by rolling out a series of new recipe kits. 

With new ingredients and meals set to be available online every week, budding chefs can simply pay £4 for a kit and pick it up from an office next door to the Students' Union. 

'˜When I started at university, a lot of people were struggling with their cooking '“ relying on instant noodles and takeaways,' Alex said. 

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'˜The Student Food Project was about showing them that they can give cooking a try and it doesn't need to be too difficult or expensive. 

'˜Offering recipe kits seemed to be the natural next step in creating this product.' 

Live online for less than a fortnight, the Student Food Project's recipe kits are in their early stages. 

The trio currently on offer comprise ingredients for cheesy sweetcorn quesadillas, broccoli, basil and pesto pasta and roasted vegetable couscous '“ each available for £4 to serve one, £6 to serve two and £7.50 for a meal for four.

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Despite only now finding their feet in Portsmouth, Alex has a goal to see his kits at many more campuses. 

'˜This problem of cooking is not unique to this city '“ we want to help all over the country and the world,' he said.

To learn more, visit thestudentfoodproject.com