Greggs unveils drive-through plans for Gosport

PLANS have been submitted for a drive-through Greggs to be opened in a Gosport retail park.

A customer receives an order at a drive-through Greggs outlet
A customer receives an order at a drive-through Greggs outlet

A plan has been sent to Gosport Borough Council for a drive-through Greggs and a drive-through Starbucks to be built at Gosport Leisure Centre.

The scheme, which was submitted by Pegasus Group, also includes 50 new car parking spaces and new vehicle access.

If plans were approved, the site would become the first drive-through Greggs to be opened in the region.

A customer receives an order at a drive-through Greggs outlet

Both stores would be open from 6am-11pm, 365 days a year – in line with the opening hours for Gosport Leisure Centre itself.

The idea of a drive-through Greggs was first trialled in Greater Manchester in 2017.

Following the trial period, the company announced that it would begin rolling out drive-through stores across the country.

If plans go ahead, drivers will be able to get hold of a sausage roll or steak slice without even having to leave their vehicles.

But ward councillor for Rowner and Holbrook, Cllr Marcus Murphy, has welcomed the scheme – saying it would be a good boost to the facilities at Gosport Leisure Centre.

He said: ‘At the moment there is no real coffee facility at the leisure centre, so I think they have been talking to various people about this.

‘I knew something was in the pipeline but didn’t know any of the details.

‘Anything that improves the facilities at the leisure centre is a good thing – the only caution I would have is what impact the extra rubbish waste created would have.

‘We have this push as a council to reduce coffee cup waste so that is really important to us.

‘But overall I think this is a good idea; there are things we have to look at but this would improve what we have available to us in the area.

Cllr Murphy also believes that the scheme would not have a major impact on obesity in the town.

He said: ‘If people are that desperate for a pasty they will drive there and park up, or walk to the centre.

‘Fast food is entrenched in our society now, and I don’t think a drive-through Greggs or Starbucks will really change anything.’

Both Pegasus Group and Greggs have been contacted by The News for comment.