Here are four cheap but delicious wines you need to try – Alistair Gibson

Where wine is concerned, searching for value for money very much depends on your perspective.

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 4:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 5:33 pm
Pianeta Organico Prosecco, Organic (Aldi £7.99).

In many ways it’s not about price.

Believe me, a £5.99 bottle of wine does not necessarily offer good value.

When I look back at my tasting notes there are an awful lot of frankly dull wines lining our supermarket shelves.

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Yali Wild Swan Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Chile (Co-op £5.50 on offer from £7.50).

So this week I’ve put together some wines, all under £10, that are real bargains.

But they come with the caveat that some of them are not really for me!

Organic wine is one of the fastest growing wine categories and Pianeta Organico Prosecco, Organic (Aldi £7.99) is one of the few organic proseccos on the market.

It is a great example that organic doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive.

Tesco Finest Monteforte Pinot Grigio 2018, Della Venezie (Tesco £8.50).

This is really well made with notes of pear and apple on the nose, followed by a nice lively palate with relatively fine bubbles and a fresh, fruity finish.

It’s labelled as extra dry and while I am not entirely sure it is quite that dry, it is certainly a real crowd-pleaser.

The fact that it is organic makes it even better value for money.

Yali Wild Swan Sauvignon Blanc 2018, Chile (Co-op £5.50 on offer from £7.50) is one of those wines that, while on offer, really does offer good value for money but at list price just becomes another dry white wine among many.

Dark Horse Malbec 2017, California (Asda currently £7.50 on offer from £8.50).

It’s very fresh with notes of citrus fruit and maybe a touch of lychee, and a zesty, mouth-watering palate, before a crisp, clean finish.

There is nothing complex here but that’s fine for a summer evening served as an aperitif, or maybe with a simple salad.

Tesco Finest Monteforte Pinot Grigio 2018, Della Venezie (Tesco £8.50) is certainly a step up from many lower priced supermarket pinot grigio and, as such, I see it as a real bargain.

There is a little complexity in this wine and even a touch of richness with a bouquet of pear, apricot and a little nuttiness in the background, followed by a nicely rounded palate with a fresh, creamy finish.

If I’m honest I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this wine.

My tip is to serve it with some simple grilled fish, or maybe a creamy pasta dish such as spaghetti carbonara.

I need to hold my hands up here and state that Dark Horse Malbec 2017, California (Asda currently £7.50 on offer from £8.50) is not my style of wine.

However, I can certainly understand why it may appeal.

There are dark fruits, coffee and chocolate on the nose, followed by a rich, dark fruit palate with a touch of oak and some residual sweetness on the finish.

It is, as the label states, ‘big and bold’. Serve this with steak or maybe a tomato-based curry dish.

If you like this style of wine it is, while on offer, very economical.