A sweet taste of Cornwall that's ideal for summer

Last Sunday we held a cookery workshop at the restaurant, helping six people create lunch for themselves and their partners.

Saturday, 14th May 2016, 7:19 am

It’s an entertaining day where we not only show budding chefs a few tricks, but also raise some money for a local charity.

Fish was the food choice of the day and we set about showing our guests how to fillet a bream, steam mussels and make a sauce from the mussel stock.

Everyone was successful with the filleting of the fish, even though some said they rarely cooked at home.

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As an experiment we cooked Jersey Royal and Cornish new potatoes to see the different tastes of each variety.

It’s interesting that we all liked both, but felt the Jerseys would be better for our fish dish and that the sweeter Cornish would be great cold in a salad.

I’ve added a few spears of asparagus to the potatoes for this week’s recipe.