Veterans in Gosport stop thief from making off with charity Easter eggs meant for children

VETERANS saved the day as they scuppered the theft of charity Easter eggs set to be given to children.

Saturday, 31st March 2018, 12:02 pm
Updated Saturday, 31st March 2018, 12:05 pm
The pair recovered three large boxes of charity Easter eggs for children
The pair recovered three large boxes of charity Easter eggs for children

Two residents at Alabaré’s Gosport Home for Veterans, Jack and Nick, were praised after they recovered stolen chocolate destined for youngsters at the nearby Salvation Army yesterday.

Their heroics came after a delivery of three large boxes of eggs was signed for at the Alabaré home, in place of next-door neighbours and Salvation Army employees who were not in.

After the goodies were signed for, the pals later received a knock at the door from a man purporting to collect a delivery made for his aunt.

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They handed over the goods – but became suspicious of the man’s behaviour.

Jack said: ‘He had been lingering out of the front and I just had a feeling that he wasn’t from next door.’

Instead of returning to the Salvation Army with the parcel, the man ran off down an alleyway by the side of the house.

Concerned, Nick alerted Jack who gave pursuit and demanded the perpetrator drop the eggs.

Jack said: ‘I was just shouting demands. He dropped one box and then I shouted the demands again, “just drop them, I’m telling you just drop them” and then he dropped the rest.’

The pair were later praised after Jack returned to the home with the eggs in hand.