Waterlooville soulmates party hard in 'accidental' Hangover-style wedding

Party-lovers Amy Willis and Craig Hughes from Waterlooville tied the knot in a celebration which accidentally recalled the film The Hangover.

Wedding guest after he fell in a pond at Amy and Craig Hughes' wedding.
Picture: Contributed mobile phone image.
Wedding guest after he fell in a pond at Amy and Craig Hughes' wedding. Picture: Contributed mobile phone image.

A year after their planned wedding date, the couple finally wed at The Tithe Barn, Petersfield, on October 2 with their 130 guests including the couple’s twin boys Bobby and Ralphy who were ringbearers.

Just an hour and 45 minutes into the evening, one of their guests had to rush to a local shop on a beer run - despite Amy and Craig having already bought ‘a hell of a lot’ of alcohol.

Amy says: ‘Our wedding day ended up being a bit like a stag-do and a hen-do all in one. I think where no one’s really partied in ages it was just like The Hangover.

Amy and Craig Hughes exchanging their vows. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography

‘One of our bridesmaids got a massive bruise on her chin, and one of our guests ended up in hospital two days later after she’d done her foot in.

‘One of the day guests went missing and we found him covered head to toe in mud.

‘We think he may have fallen in the pond but we’re not too sure. Our photographer actually found him. She literally came out like a swamp monster.

‘It was absolute carnage.’

Amy and Craig Hughes's guests party hard in Hangover-style wedding. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography

Despite downpours throughout the day, for the 31-year-old hairdresser, the magic of getting married to her soulmate in the rain was the highlight of her wedding.

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‘We were just embracing that this is meant to be our day and it is meant to rain and everyone was saying “it’s good luck to rain on your wedding day” and it was brilliant.’

Craig, 32, was overcome by a mix of emotions as he waited for Amy to walk down the aisle.

Bridesmaids Amy and Megan at Amy and Craig Hughes' wedding. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography

‘I was nervous, but excited at the same time. When I first saw the twin boys followed by Amy it was very emotional.’

Bobby and Ralphy, six, recall this moment as being ‘the first time they saw their dad cry’.

The lovebirds first met at The Inferno, a pub and club in Bournemouth in 2012 when Amy was dressed as Where’s Wally for a friend’s birthday. From grooving on the dancefloor to dating one another soon afterwards, the happy couple have never looked back.

Craig a business owner, proposed two years ago when he swept Amy off her feet by whisking her to Majorca for her 30th birthday.

A romantic shot in the rain of Amy and Craig Hughes on their special day. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography

She never anticipated turning around after reaching the top of a hill on a hike to see Craig on one knee with the sun setting over breathtaking views of the coastline.

She says: ‘The actual shock of going away to Majorca and him proposing was just amazing because I did not expect it. To be honest where we’ve got the boys we never really do that much on our own as a couple so doing that and coming back engaged was crazy.’

Craig adds: ‘I’d gone through a tough time in my life with personal reasons and Amy was there by my side. It made everything we’ve gone through worth it. I’d been planning it for a while and it was just so special.’

On their special day, Amy was surprised with an Ali G rap at the speeches – a rendition of ‘Me Julie’ performed by her bridesmaids Amy and Megan to show their unbreakable bond as best friends.

Amy says: ‘It was amazing. Our whole day was just magical from start to finish.’

The soulmates are planning a honeymoon for next year and will be taking the twins away for a week on Sunday to Tenerife.

Amy and Craig Hughes outside The Tithe Barn, Petersfield. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography

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Amy and Craig Hughes' twins and ringbearers Bobby and Ralphy Hughes with flower girl Sereyah Hickley. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography
Amy and Craig Hughes after tying the knot at The Tithe Barn, Petersfield. Picture: Carla Mortimer Wedding Photography