The Boathouse, Gosport | Restaurant review

The Boathouse, Mumby Road, Gosport.The Boathouse, Mumby Road, Gosport.
The Boathouse, Mumby Road, Gosport.
We’ve been waiting with bated breath for our column to return. It’s not to say we haven’t been out and about.

We’ve had to join a military-style boot camp in an attempt to shift some of the weight that’s piled on supporting small businesses by eating out to help out. A dessert? It’d be rude not to at those prices. Fancy meal out on a Monday night? Why not?! But hey a few pounds on our rear, that’s a small price to pay to help the country bounce back from Covid-19.

Today we find ourselves strolling down High Street, Gosport, pondering whether the editor would accept a review of Wetherspoons, or Costa, or KFC, and then wondering whether we fancy putting ourselves at risk by dining in one of Gosport’s classier establishments (I won’t name, but let’s say they look like a good anti-bac is needed, more so than ever).

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It’s a warm day and with the sun bringing a welcome respite from impending autumn, I take a walk along the front and remember the Boathouse. What seems like a million miles away from Gosport High Street but is actually only a few minutes walk, the Boathouse, off Mumby Road, overlooks Gosport marina. It’s a fine sight with the aircraft carriers in dock, and the Clipper fleet forlornly parked. I can confirm, there actually are nice parts of Gosport and this is one of them.

Thai fishcakes with chips and salad.Thai fishcakes with chips and salad.
Thai fishcakes with chips and salad.

It’s a trendy, relaxed affair with some soft R&B from the 90s playing, two masked front of house staff working hard, hand sanitiser at the entrance and a large decking area with plenty of space between tables, as well as rugs in a basket for the chillier days (nice touch). It’s well presented, spotlessly clean and looks like it’s got everything under control. We feel safe. There’s also two hours free parking on its doorstep too. The place has a steady stream of well-dressed retired customers, with a few businessmen. They are obviously on to something.

The lunch menu is varied; burgers, home-made chilli, fish and chips, club sandwiches, perfect for its marine setting. The goods are advertised on a chalkboard (no germ-infested menus to handle) and you place your order at the counter. Today’s special is the Thai fish cakes with chips and salad at £10. It’s perfect. Crispy and slightly spicy, with a perfect amount of fresh salad and dressing and some excellently cooked chips. We wash it down with a can of orange San Pellegrino then a cappuccino. The staff are attentive and friendly. It's a lovely lunch. With the sounds of the marina, and the warmth of the sun, we could be in Monaco, or Saint-Tropez, in fact anywhere in the south of France. A wonderful lunchtime escape. We only wish there was a large glass of white wine in our hands and no work to do in the afternoon – roll on the days when we can be the well-dressed pensioners dining out on a weekday lunchtime...

Just a hop, skip and jump from central Gosport, and with some of the best views around, The Boathouse is worth a trip. Check it out.

Food: 5/5

Value: 4/5

Ambience: 5/5

Child-friendly: 3/5

Telephone number: (023) 9260 1166