GARDENING: Brian Kidd solves your plant problems

Brian Kidd advises you on caring for your strawberry plants.
Brian Kidd advises you on caring for your strawberry plants.

Our horticultural hotshot delves into his inbox and postbag. 

Q: I bought five strawberry plants which are growing well but have not fruited. I have put the tips of the runners into three-inch pots in JI compost and they have three/four leaves. Will these fruit next year? TR, Waterlooville.

A: They will fruit in June next year provided the pots are full of roots by the end of October which is when you should plant them in well-prepared soil. Work in an egg cup of blood fish and bone fertiliser under each plant when planting.

Q: My mum has gone into a flat and is not allowed her dog which we have inherited. But it urinates on the lawn and we have brown patches. D and T, Eastney.

A: Keep half a bucket of water near the lawn. As soon as the dog has ‘been’, pour two pints on the affected area. The grass will grow back where it is brown. 

Q: I planted some Duncan F1 cabbages from seed as you recommended and am wondering if the spare ones could be planted in containers which are 30in across? GS, Rowlands Castle.

A: Yes, plant three around the edge, equal distance apart. You may be surprised at how attractive they are when they produce a heart.

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