Here are 10 easy jobs to complete in the garden this weekend

Brian Kidd says its essential to keep the wild birds healthy.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 2:17 pm
Blackbird in a bird bath. Picture: Shutterstock

This is the best time to buy in lovely Surfinia petunias, scaevola, ivy-leafed geraniums and other gems we all enjoy growing in baskets and tubs. These plants can all be propagated by keeping them warm in a plant propagator. Did you treat yourself to a soil-warming cable, it isn’t too late. Pinch out the tips of the plants and they will produce several side shoots. Cuttings a few inches long can be taken to increase the number of plants you need.

Please ensure the birds have clean drinking water. There are lots of baby birds around now and their mums will need to show them how to drink and bathe.

If you have space, tomato plants may be planted in the greenhouse in growing bags. Only three in a bag. A bottomless 10in-diameter pot placed over the top of the hole made in the growing bag for the plant and filled with compost is a good idea because it makes correct watering a lot easier.

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Sow seeds in the greenhouse of rapid-growing plants such as French marigolds and zinnias.

Take some of the hardier bedding plants out into a cold frame but cover the top with carpet if frosts are forecast.

Sow seeds outdoors of beetroot and mid-season Brussels sprouts and late cauliflower.

Earth up early potatoes using well rotted compost and water the plants regularly to avoid potato scab. Moist soil helps prevent potato scab.

Watch out for greenfly on roses and blackfly on broad beans. Use aphid control liquid in the late evening to control these pests.

Don’t clean up all the little bits left around the garden, the birds will pick them up for nesting material.

Make sure garden chairs and table are clean. We will be able to sit out quite soon.