How to raise the value of your home

15 tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of the value of your property.

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Friday, 4th November 2016, 6:00 am
Are you looking to sell your home?

Everyone wants to sell their home for its maximum value, and sometimes a little bit of work has to be undertaken to get your home in the shape it needs to be for the best price.

These handy tips and tricks will give you all the information you need to know to get the most out of your home’s value.

1. Add an extension: +21% (£60,000)

Figures from Nationwide show that adding an extension to your house can boost its value by more than a fifth. If you’re not in a position to do this, having planning permission accepted by the council can also improve the value of your home when looking to sell.

2. Making energy improvements: +14% (£40,000)

Boosting your property’s energy efficiency rating by two grades could see the value of your home increase by as much as 14%, while those with existing A, B or C ratings achieve values 2.7% higher than comparable properties with worse ratings (Government report GECC).

3. Loft conversion: +12.5% (£36,000)

According to GE Money, making good use of loft on average increases house prices by 12.5%.

4. Adding a bedroom: +11% (£32,000)

On average an additional bedroom will increase property value by 11% (Nationwide)

5. Parking space: +10% (£29,000)

As well as having the potential to reduce insurance premiums, a parking space can boost a property’s value by 10% (Move with Us).

6. Living close (but not too close!) to a train station: +10% (£29,000)

Although living too close for comfort can negatively affect a home’s value, living within a proximity that is attractive to commuters’ can increase property value by 10% (Nationwide).

7. Adding a garden: +10% (£29,000)

Adding a garden or roof garden to your property can see values surge by an average of 10%.

8. Living near a Waitrose: +8% (£23,000)

Although there is a chicken-egg scenario here, according to research by Journalistic, the value of homes with a Waitrose store nearby will be worth 8% more than the average home.

9. Conservatory: +7% (£20,000)

Costing anywhere between £4,000-£35,000+, building a conservatory onto your home can increase its value by 7%. Alternatively, a garden office can add 5% value onto your home. (Move with Us)

10. 10% Increase in floor space: +5.1% (£15,000)

Increasing the square footage of floor space in your home by 10% will increase its overall value by 5.1% according to Nationwide.

11. Extra bathroom: +4.9% (£14,000)

The same Nationwide survey found that an extra bathroom would add almost 5% to a home’s value…

12. New kitchen: +4.6% (£13,000)

…while a new kitchen will add just less at 4.6%.

13. Patio with a BBQ and hot tub: +3.5% (£10,000)

With luxury outdoor space becoming increasingly in-demand, a patio featuring BBQ and hot tub adds an average of 3.5% onto house value. (Halifax)

14. Central heating: +1.74% (£5,000)

With all new houses featuring central heating as standard, this former luxury is now an expectation for buyers. Those houses without central heating will see their house values increase by 1.7% for upgrading (accounting for an additional £5,000 on the average UK property value).

15. A man cave or treehouse: +1% (£3,000)

Although not featured on the shopping list of most house buyers, a fun man cave or treehouse boosts house prices by an average of 1%.

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