Protecting plants from bad weather in cold snap

Protecting plants from the cold is vital in winter (photo: Adobe)Protecting plants from the cold is vital in winter (photo: Adobe)
Protecting plants from the cold is vital in winter (photo: Adobe)
As winter bites and temperatures plummet, gardeners seek ways to protect precious plants.

As winter bites and temperatures plummet, gardeners are seeking ways to protect their precious plants.

With the UK gripped by a cold spell, gardeners are being offered the best ways to protect plants over the chilly months.

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Gardening experts have pulled together the best ways to make sure your plants survive the drop in temperature and shorter days.

Tips include insulating plant pots with bubble wrap, making mulch and recycling old bottles to save plants and pennies.

Preventative measures like sheltering plants, clearing up spaces and insulating soils work great but sometimes extra steps need to be taken to keep plants healthy.

Chris Bonnett from said: “Over winter gardens start to look dilapidated. Young buds in the garden are most likely to be affected by harsh weather. However, even the hardiest varieties sometimes become damaged over a long cold spell.

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“If you spot damage to any plant, it’s best to remove it straight away to stop it spreading elsewhere. Look at any winter upset as an opportunity to improve your garden skills, making your plants stronger as a result.”

Top tips to protect plants this winter include …

Bubble wrap

Gently covering delicate plants with bubble wrap can insulate the plant and keep it protected against some harsher weather. Remove damaged shoots and limbs.

Come inside

When ice or frost is forecast, take the more sensitive plants and offer them some shelter. Recycled plastic bottles for protection.


Mulch can be made using organic matter like decaying leaves, bark, straw or compost. Placing it around the roots of plants will help insulate and protect them from the cold, However, it only tends to work with hardier plants.


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Winter throws lots of challenges at gardeners, no matter how well looked after plants are, there is still a small risk of them dying. Great idea is to keep the plant tags that come with non-perennials.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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