Sad farewell to an old friend

Southsea Green members have been digging for victory.
Southsea Green members have been digging for victory.
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Last summer I said farewell to my first garden.

For nearly 10 years I had looked after the little courtyard space, mainly in summer. Yes, I’m a fair-weather gardener. 

Each spring I peered out of the conservatory, eyeing up what work needed to be done, looking forward to filling it with colour.

From kitsch garden gnomes and overgrown ivy, to vibrant pansies and numerous attempts at growing chillies, it was a place of joy which I was sad to leave.

But 2019 brings a bigger garden, with grass!

There’s been mention of sheds, shrubs and what we will fill our vegetable patch with.

Last weekend I attended the monthly garden volunteer meeting and learnt about heritage potatoes and companion planting.

Now I’m looking forward to getting started... let’s have a cuppa first though, it’s chilly out there!

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