SOUTHSEA GREEN: Elderflower cordial recipe

Here's a recipe from Clare Seek, of Abundance Portsmouth, for delicious elderflower cordial from locally-collected flowers.

Saturday, 17th June 2017, 6:45 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st June 2017, 3:21 pm

It’s best to pick the flowers in sunshine, so they’re fully open.

Find them at Southsea Green’s garden, or there are bushes across the city. Remember to leave some for the bees and elderberries later in the year.

Collect 20 flower heads. Wash and remove any bugs. Boil two litres of water with 1kg of sugar and slice four lemons.

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Put lemon peel slices, elderflower and sugar water into a bowl. Stir in 75g of citric acid, cover and wait 24 hours.

Heat to 180C, strain through a sieve and muslin and put into sterilised bottles.

Recipe: 2 litres water; 1kg granulated sugar; 4 lemons; 75g citric acid; 20 flower heads; a drop of sunshine and ta-dah elderflower cordial - made in Southsea.

Abundance is mapping trees in the city available to harvest, so if you spot one on public land, or have one you are happy to share, let us know.