SOUTHSEA GREEN: Our work is beginning to pay dividends

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By David Baynes, the chairman of the Canoe Lake support group and one of the Rock Gardens volunteers.

Visitors are enjoying the results of the team’s planting programme. It focused on herbaceous beds around Canoe Lake Café and terraces in the Japanese garden.

If the warm weather continues, horticulture in the park will continue to thrive.Oranges and reds (geum, rudbeckia and cistus) currently predominate, but watch for yellows (achillea and doronicum) and blues (caryopteris and salvia) in the next few weeks. The leaves of multi-coloured foliage plants (heuchera and phormium) are also brightening the park. Gardener Ros is always pleased to help identify plants in the park which attract your interest.

At the Butterfly House the new tropical ‘residents’ are due to arrive this month and their British cousins in the garden will soon be making the most of the recently planted additional nectar-rich flower species.

Southsea Green will put up notices of events and activities and ways people can get involved: