SOUTHSEA GREEN: Sharing the secret garden

Zonal pelargoniums - without rust

BRIAN KIDD: Rusty pelargoniums? Here’s what to do

The golden yellow of rudbeckia at this time of year makes winter seem a long way off.

BRIAN KIDD: End-of-season blues? Don’t give up on your garden yet

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When I was small my favourite book was about a secret garden, discovered by a little girl through a gate in an old wall.

It’s funny looking back and reminds me how lucky we are to have our community garden at Canoe Lake, Southsea.

Our adventure is with people who live and love our city and seafront and its green spaces. We want to bring people together to grow, make and share the garden and encourage others to grow their own and buy things locally.

Thanks to our friends for their blue Tesco tokens over summer, and Tesco. Now we can run a new project with gardening clubs and mini workshops at Eastney Community Centre and at our community garden, with special events at Treadgolds garden with the John Pounds community too – ‘Southsea Greenfingers’.

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