SOUTHSEA GREEN: We've got trees to give away

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Southsea Green is a beloved green space where we grow local food and flowers. It''s a community garden, transformed from long-forgotten wasteland.

Portsmouth City council supports our social venture as part of its commitment to communities and our philosophy is to ‘grow your own’ by sharing seeds, compost; plants, trees, green space and resources. With the Food Partnership, and other green groups, we campaign for trees and clean air; recycling, reducing waste and making our city happier and healthier.

Do you love trees? We still have lots to give away – birch, holly, crab apple, hazel, rowan, dogwood, blackthorn and dog rose all good for next winter’s

potions, and for the birds and bees to enjoy. So come and get them. Also support canes and protective tubes to help give them a good start.

This is part of the Woodland Trust’s Plant a MIllion Trees campaign. It's free, so pop into the community garden on April 7, call 07484 197 065 or go to