SOUTHSEA GREEN with... Goff Gleadle

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   A hard frost, hard winter too? Time to prepare.

In the veg patch roughly dig empty ground. Frost breaks down clods and kills pests and diseases.

Over-winter sweet peppers and chillies in a cold greenhouse. Cut back and keep fairly dry and they should regrow in spring. Winter crops like sprouts, onions and broad beans shouldn't need protection. More exotic garden plants like, palms, bananas, canna lilies, take into a cold

greenhouse or cool conservatory. Or, wrap them in fleece. Geraniums and fuchsias will over-winter in a cold greenhouse. Dahlia tubers should be lifted and put in a frost-free place, but here, they're usually fine left in the ground.  You can start pruning but don’t overdo it. Remove dead and overlapping branches and aim for an open structure. Best leave roses until February and leave the flowers on hydrangeas as they protect the buds. Don't prune rhododendrons and camellias, you will lose the flowers. Now put your feet up and think of spring! Happy New Year from Southsea Green Community Garden,

• Goff is head gardener at Southsea Green.