Your gardening jobs for the weekend with BRIAN KIDD

It’s the perfect time of year to grow a new lawn.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 20th September 2019, 7:00 am
Autumn Bliss raspberries.

•This is the last time to sow seed for a new lawn. Get it done before October as grass seed germinates well while the ground is warm and damp.

•Patches on lawns can be repaired quickly. Put 1lb of quality grass seed to 10lb of moistened seed compost and mix. Put in a black polythene bag for a week to chit the seeds. Prick over the grass with a fork and scatter the chitted seed and compost. Water. This amount will repair five square yards.

•Sow larkspur seeds in little patches where they will flower. They are perfectly hardy. Pick a sunny area in well-drained soil.

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•Give Autumn Bliss raspberries a high potash liquid feed if there are lots of green berries and flowers. The flowers will provide ripe fruit in a month.

•Plant daffodils but don’t forget other gems such as chionodoxa, scilla and iris reticulata. These give us something to look forward to in spring.

•Hoe through wallflower plants or better still hand weed the rows because chick weed quickly smothers the wallflower plants at this time of year.

•Remove runners on newly-planted strawberry plants or layer them into three-inch diameter pots if more are needed.

•Pot up strawberry plants needed for greenhouse culture. Loamless compost is not suitable. Much better results are achieved using John Innes No3 compost. The plants must remain outside in the cold until the end of January to prepare them for greenhouse culture.