LETTER OF THE DAY: Havant town centre - an unpleasant dump?

Rubbish in Havant''Picture: Ann Buckley
Rubbish in Havant''Picture: Ann Buckley
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Last February in my role as the Havant Borough Residents Alliance co-ordinator I walked Havant town centre with a local councillor and drew his attention to a number of issues.

I followed up by emailing him a list of what we had looked at.

Included in that long list were the open windows and damage to the empty Streets building in East Street and also the derelict site at 44-54 West Street Havant.

Months went by without any response to that email.

One year on, things have not improved.

This week glass has fallen from the Streets building on to the pavement below and the pavement has had be closed.

In West Street the Havant Borough Council’s hoardings around the site look even worse and the area at the rear close to the bus station is a disgrace – still full of rubbish and inadequately fenced (see my picture).

Most of the 20 local businesses in East Street and the shops in West Street which are part of a so-called ‘Conservation Area’ maintain their buildings.

It is shocking that no enforcement action is taken against those who do not, increasingly making this an unsafe and unpleasant area for both residents and those who work or have businesses here to walk through.

Ann Buckley

Oaklands Road, Havant