Academic achievement is the bedrock of The Portsmouth Grammar School – book now for open event

“Come and visit this wonderful school and meet the pupils who will show you round and tell you just how much they love being here,” invites David Wickes, headteacher at The Portsmouth Grammar School

His passion and pride in the school shine through when he talks not only of the academic successes, which are the bedrock of learning here, but the determination to help pupils achieve all of their aspirations.

Looking to the future

“The bedrock of what we do is academic excellence,” says Mr Wickes. Around 10 pupils every year are offered coveted places at Oxbridge Universities, with more going on to other top academic institutions around the country, with 71 per cent at Russell Group Universities.

Nine out of 10 pupils get a place at their chosen university, and the school welcomes applications from pupils who wish to join at sixth form level.

But as the ethos of this school is to look at where each child wants to be at the age of 25 and help them realise their aspirations, it also means many go on to high-level graduate apprenticeships with renowned companies.

With strengths in learning across the curriculum the school is there for the artist and the academic, the musician and the medic, the financier or the film director, the soldier and the sailor, the doctor or dancer. And the aspirations to excel don’t stop in the classroom.

Mr Wickes said the school organises reunions for pupils when they reach 25, and at the last event 110 out of a possible 120 pupils returned to meet their former classmates and teachers.

“They came back to share their experiences and share their stories,” he said.

Join our club

The school offers a staggering choice of co-curricular activities, from sports, music and drama to outdoor skills and it is home to a host of clubs and societies.

Whether your passion is acting or astronomy, creative writing or enterprise, fantasy football or philosophy, building lego or building relationships there will be a club for you.

And, as Mr Wickes says, if there isn’t something to suit a pupil’s passions then they can start their own club with support and encouragement from the school. These extra activities are designed to provide opportunities for enjoyment but also to be challenging and encourage personal improvement.

The school offers Combined Cadet Force training with the Navy, Army and Airforce, which all help develop leadership, resourcefulness, self-discipline and teamwork.

Outdoor club is fantastic fun for those who love to sleep beneath the stars and fancy learning a bit of survival in the wild with bushcraft and navigation, tent building and campsite cooking skills among the activities.

The school is in the top 10 schools for sport in the country and its co-curricular activities include cricket for boys and girls, rugby, netball and hockey as well as strength and conditioning sessions.

Putting pupils first

The school is open to children aged two to 18 and the pastoral care of its pupils underpins everything it does.

Pupils at The Portsmouth Grammar School are each encouraged to shape their own individuality, whilst working together as a cohesive whole- what better preparation could there be for life?

Come and see for yourself

There are lots of opportunities to visit the school and see the warm PGS welcome first-hand.

There are open mornings all year round for the nursery and primary school and the next one is on Wednesday, March 20. The next senior and sixth form open afternoon is on Thursday, March 21.

To find out more about these events, book a place to visit, or check out other open event dates in April, May and June visit the school’s website here.

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