Deadline approaching: Apply now for an apprenticeship at BAE Systems in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight

Apply now for an apprenticeship at BAE Systems in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight. Picture - suppliedApply now for an apprenticeship at BAE Systems in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight. Picture - supplied
Apply now for an apprenticeship at BAE Systems in Portsmouth and on the Isle of Wight. Picture - supplied
Apprenticeships offer you a career while continuing to learn as you earn.

Would you like a career and the chance to learn as well?

BAE Systems' Maritime Services business – already one of Portsmouth's key employers – will welcome an additional 195 people to its Early Careers programmes this year.

There will be 101 apprenticeships available: 14 Level 6 degree programmes, with the remaining 87 spread across the Level 2, 3 and 4 programmes.

Deadline approaching for apprenticeships. Picture - suppliedDeadline approaching for apprenticeships. Picture - supplied
Deadline approaching for apprenticeships. Picture - supplied

There are another 94 places available across the wider Early Careers Programmes, including 56 Graduates, 25 Industrial Placements and 13 summer Interns.

For the apprenticeship positions, the looming application deadline is 28 February 2024.

BAE Systems’ Maritime Services business, operating out of Portsmouth Naval Base, Broad Oak in Hilsea and Cowes (IoW), plays an important role in supporting the Royal Navy’s operations around the world. Its diverse and skilled workforce delivers end-to-end support to the Royal Navy’s surface ships including the 65,000 ton Aircraft Carriers and Type 45 Air Defence Destroyers. Alongside the maintenance projects, Maritime Services is also responsible for the design and manufacture of some of the most complex and capable radar and underwater weapon systems in the world, all of which require you to develop specialist skills.

Looking to earn while you learn, with a proper career path?

This is an amazing opportunity. Picture - suppliedThis is an amazing opportunity. Picture - supplied
This is an amazing opportunity. Picture - supplied

BAE Systems Maritime Services is an exciting business to be part of and will provide you the opportunities to learn from qualified and experienced professionals, including engineers within the Royal Navy. As part of your apprenticeship you’ll have opportunities to work on projects outside of your day-to-day role to grow your core skillset and develop your career.

BAE Systems prides itself in its investment in the local community, and you’ll have the opportunity to join in with various initiatives in and around the Portsmouth area. Furthermore, as an employer who believes in diversity and inclusion, you’ll have access to a range of networking and employee relations groups – ensuring that you are fully supported during your career and have input into the direction of the company.

Meet the apprentices

Holly joined BAE Systems in September 2022 at the age of 18, moving from Swindon to Portsmouth to complete her apprenticeship.

Holly said: “It’s the best thing I’ve done! I look forward to coming to work every day to use the skills I’ve learned. During the first year of my apprenticeship I was based in the skills development centre where I learned a number of practical skills and completed theory work, with support and guidance from my instructors.

BAE Systems Maritime Services has 195 new Early Careers places available.

“I am now in my second year working as a coded welder, and continue to develop my skills every day. You can’t gain on the job experience from going to University, so I felt an apprenticeship was the best thing for me. My confidence has grown massively and I have a great sense of independence while being part of a supportive team.

“I’m happy to be a part of such an inclusive company, especially being a female welder. I feel that I am respected and seen for the work I do. For me, this is important – and I want to be part of breaking the gender stereotype and increase the number of females in the engineering industry. I want young women like me to know that it’s possible to work in such a role.

“Doing my apprenticeship and getting paid to work means I have been able to support myself living in Portsmouth, while gaining the skills and knowledge to do a job that I love and am passionate about. There are days when I find some elements of my role challenging, but with the help and support given to me by my colleagues, I gain a great sense of achievement once completed.”

In 2023, apprenticeships taken up by women has increased to 33.5%.

Noor also joined BAE Systems in September 2022 and works as a Level 4 Electronics/Electrical Apprentice.

She said, “University wasn’t really for me. With apprenticeships you get hands on experience, and you can apply what you learn instantly. I am one of over 450 maritime apprentices based in and around Portsmouth. Engineering absolutely fascinates me, as it’s such a wide and diverse topic. The universe is a mystery and everyday gives an opportunity to develop advanced solutions.

“At BAE Systems you are treated as an adult and with respect. Additionally, you aren’t treated any differently because you’re younger or you have less experience. If you ask your friends, they won’t get to say that.

“Receiving a salary was a factor in my choice, but wasn’t the main driving force behind my decision. I get to work with high quality equipment, and great people. I wanted to challenge myself and push myself out of my comfort zone.

“I've worked on a Type 45 and apprentices like me work on submarines. I believe that this is quite unique and I certainly don’t feel like I'm just an apprentice – I feel like, I am Noor. I deserve this opportunity and the business supports me in succeeding.”

Apply now

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