Getting fit in Portsmouth: Join the Horizon Leisure community with over a hundred classes every week

The team at Horizon Leisure is dedicated to helping our community live better – and they say exercising with others can be a big help.

At Horizon Leisure we understand that quick fixes and unrealistic goals are not the answer. Instead, we're dedicated to something deeper; connecting our local community with long-term opportunities for better wellbeing. Our approach to group exercise reflects this ethos perfectly. It's not just about working out, it's about forging connections.

Strength in numbers: Elevate your workout with group classes at Horizon Leisure

Horizon Leisure’s Waterlooville and Havant Leisure Centres have over 150 weekly group exercise classes included in our memberships or available to book as a pay as you go customer. We have spacious and welcoming studios where our team deliver supportive sessions for those who may feel uncomfortable in a more traditional gym setting. It's a space where people can come together.

Group exercise offers numerous wellbeing benefits that make it an excellent choice for men and women of all fitness levels, abilities and ages.

Step into support

One of the standout advantages of our group exercise classes is having one of Horizon Leisure’s qualified fitness experts leading the session, providing guidance and support. Moreover, attending group classes often results in putting in more effort due to the motivational environment created by both the instructor and fellow participants. This collective atmosphere also fosters friendships among attendees, offering a supportive network for our community. 

Group exercise also minimises the risk of injury, as instructors oversee proper technique, especially crucial for our activities like lifting weights in Bodypump or specific postures in yoga.

Furthermore, the convenience factor cannot be overlooked. With instructors planning the workouts you can simply show up, follow instructions and leave, making it an incredibly easy way to work out.

From stretch to strength: Group exercise for all ages and levels!

Variety is key to Horizon Leisure’s group exercise programme, offering a multitude of classes to cater to different preferences and goals, from Zumba and indoor cycling to HIIT, yoga and meditation.

Crucially, group exercise is inclusive, with classes tailored for various fitness levels and abilities. Our instructors will always provide modifications to accommodate everyone, ensuring a safe and effective workout for all.

Above all, group exercise is undeniably fun, we pride ourselves in creating a mini-party vibe that makes working out enjoyable and gets those ‘happy’ endorphins released.

Mindful movement: Holistic group exercise

Discover your tribe

Our group exercise sessions include our own Horizon Leisure bespoke classes, as well as leading fitness providers such as Les Mills, and virtual classes too. Our timetable includes:

·      CIRCL Mobility

·      Dance Cardio

·      Fitness Yoga

·      Hatha Yoga

·      High Impact Circuits

·      HIIT

·      Indoor Cycling

·      Legs, Bums and Tums

·      Les Mills Body Attack

·      Les Mills Body Balance

·      Les Mills Body Combat

·      Les Mills Bodypump

·      Les Mills Grit

·      Low Impact Circuits

·      Meditation

·      Pilates

·      Pilates for Life

·      This Girl Can

We go beyond traditional fitness offerings, by providing a range of holistic sessions designed to nourish both the body and the mind. Classes include yoga, Pilates, sound healing sessions, and meditation, each offering unique benefits for overall wellbeing.

Our yoga classes focus on building strength, flexibility and balance while promoting relaxation and stress relief. Pilates, meanwhile, emphasises core strength, alignment, and body awareness, making it an excellent complement to any fitness routine.

Speak to our team in Portsmouth and Havant to find out just the right fit for you. Or you can find out more about memberships and pay as you go here.