Carer Maureen shows age is just a number as she celebrates her retirement

CARING, positive and compassionate.

Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, 9:36 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:26 am
Maureen Adams

That is how a retiring carer for the elderly has been described by her employers Nightingales Golden Care but although Maureen Adams is older than most of the people she looks after that hasn't stopped the 79-year-old from supporting them and getting them out in the community.

Maureen from Fareham said: '˜I have been in the care industry for about 35 years and I joined Nightingales when I was 69 and have been there for ten years.

'˜I absolutely love supporting people and the amazing you feeling you get when someone reaches a milestone and gets a bit more independence in their everyday life.'

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Before Nightingales, Maureen worked for a number of other care firms.

She said: '˜I worked at one care home as a support worker then I became a team leader and then deputy manager before running the home myself. I had such a supportive team there and I think that is something that happens across the industry.

'˜Colleagues are always welcoming and friendly whether you work with them everyday or trained with them and only see them now and again.'

The mother-of-four boys puts her caring nature down to her children.

She said: '˜I think having four boys meant at some point they just didn't want to know from Mum and Dad anymore so I had all this leftover support I guess so I used it helping the elderly and children with down syndrome.

'˜It was so rewarding and a really lovely industry to be in.'

Manager Ben Chudley said: '˜When we first employed her aged 69, I don't think we ever thought she would stay with us for ten years but it just goes to show that it doesn't matter how old you are, if you have a caring nature, you can make a fantastic carer.

'˜All of the people that she looks after are younger than her and if you met her you would never believe how old she is!'

To celebrate her decade of service and her retirement so she can look after her husband, the Portsmouth-based company rewarded Maureen with a £500 cheque.

Ben added: '˜Maureen has been a fantastic employee and we are very sad that she is retiring. Throughout her time with us she has been a model employee looking after elderly and disabled people and taking them out for various trips that enable them to access the local community and not be isolated.

'˜She has such an upbeat and positive attitude towards her clients which is fantastic to see.'