Church group is ready to celebrate 100 years

EASTNEY Evangelical Church is preparing to celebrate 100 years since its foundation.

The group, based in Methuen Road, Southsea, will celebrate its centenary in June.

The news comes as, after being without a pastor for almost three years, the church has appointed Chris Thomas to its pastorate.

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Chris served as an officer in the Royal Navy for nearly 22 years, spending some time at the nearby Eastney Barracks.

He became a Christian in 1983 and Eastney Evangelical was the first church he had ever visited.

Chris retired early and completed his minister training in London. He then moved to Birmingham to become a full-time pastor.

The EEC heard about Chris through his brother Rod – a missionary working on behalf of the church in tsunami-torn Senda, Japan.

Since his recent induction, Chris will now assist the church in its vision for a Gospel ministry in Southsea region.