Clarence Pier bus shelter completely destroyed and removed following "incident" on seafront outside Southsea Hoverport

A bus shelter has been removed from the Southsea seafront after it was completely destroyed in an “incident”.

The structure, near to the Southsea Hoverport at Clarence Pier, appears to have been smashed to pieces and a picture taken on Sunday, October 22 shows it severely damaged with shards of glass scattered around the bent metal framework. By the following day, it had been removed by Portsmouth City Council, working with outdoor advertising firm Clear Channel - with only orange barriers demarking where it once stood.

A spokesperson for Portsmouth City Council said: “We have been working with Clear Channel to ensure the safe removal of a damaged bus shelter after a recent incident. The damaged bus shelter has now been removed, and the bus stop is open again to Hoverbus passengers. Plans are underway to replace the bus shelter.”

The nature of the inicident is currently unknown, but Stagecoach have been approached for more information.