Commemorative medals given to loyal blood donors

Dedicated blood donors from across Hampshire, who have potentially saved more than 2,500 lives between them, have been recognised by NHS Blood and Transplant for their loyalty and commitment.

Wednesday, 13th January 2016, 6:34 am

The eight blood donors from across Hampshire, who have collectively made 900 donations, were among those honoured for their lifesaving efforts with commemorative medals at a ceremony in Botley, Southampton.

They joined 38 other blood donors from the south coast, each of who had donated on at least 100 occasions.

Lesley Voller, 66, from Lee-on-the Solent has been donating blood for 48 years after colleagues at work encouraged her to donate when the mobile blood unit visited.

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Lesley said: ‘It’s such a small thing to do but can be life changing for the recipient. My brother needed blood while he was being treated for cancer and the transfusions enhanced his quality of life for the time he had left.’

Chris Chadderton, 61, from Fareham has been donating for 30 years and was encouraged by his wife who was a regular donor.

Chris said: ‘Giving blood is quick, easy and painless and you get a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards. My late father-in-law was poorly for many years and required numerous blood transfusions. Sadly he died from septicaemia four years ago but the family were very grateful to all the blood donors who helped him.’

Each blood donation can potentially save the lives of up to three people so if a donor has given blood 100 times they have potentially helped save the lives of up to 300 patients in local hospitals through donating blood.

Out of the three per cent of the population who give blood, just one per cent reach 100 donations.

n People who were honoured:

Andrew Smith, 64, (250th award, Fareham); Robert Ide, 56, (100th award, Lee-on-the Solent); Lesley Voller, 66, (100th award, Lee-on-the-Solent); Stephen O’Brien, 69, (100th award, Gosport); Maureen Ballentine, 72, (100th award, Fareham); Nora Beale, 71, (100th award, Fareham); David John, 67, (100th award, Southsea)

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