Community clean-up initiative bags loads of litter in Leigh Park

Havant reporter

The Leigh Park Community Led Planning Team managed to round up 40 volunteers for the local litter amnesty.

The ‘Clean Up For Summer’ week saw parks and play areas blitzed before the holidays.

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Scouts and cubs from West Leigh and volunteers from Staunton Country Park also got involved in the initiative.

Havant Borough Council’s cabinet member for communities says that such projects help communities to ‘take pride in their area’.

Councillor Leah Turner said: ‘Litter has a huge impact on the quality of our streets and public places and we all have a responsibility to keep our communities tidy.

‘While we have made great progress in recent years, we still need to get to a place where everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and their own rubbish.’

The planning team has encouraged local organisations to continue monitoring and cleaning up areas around them.